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Equinox Magic

Happy Equinox!! The witch in me compels me to once again gently remind everyone that the weeks of the Equinoxes and Solstices, the three days before and three days after, are an especially powerful time to set intentions.

Of course the full energy of the Universe is always available to us, at all times. But why not also harness the new school year energy stirring inside us to write intentions this Equinox week? – –  



Take a minute, or an hour, to be still, and answer some questions for yourself: 

– What do I want to accomplish and manifest by the end of the year?
– Why do I want it?
– What does it look like for me?
– How will it feel to have it?

And of course, I have some questions specifically for the writers! Do you want to—

– Finish that book?
– Start that book?
– Publish for the first time?
– Publish at a whole new, spectacular level?

– Get that movie or TV series made?
This is the time for ALL those shimmering wishes.

Now:    What do you need to do next to let that happen?  

Just ask the questions, and see what answers come up for you!

–      – Alex