Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

First, the Universe Throws a Pebble…

I have so found this to be true in my own life. You know what the pebble is. Those little nudges or jolts that come when you’re doing dishes or gardening or something mindless. The ones that say – START that business. DUMP that guy. WRITE that book.

And if we’re really in tune with ourselves… we listen, and trust, and do it.

But if we don’t… Well, we might get a few more pebbles, sometimes quite a few more! But the Universe never gives up on us. And sooner or later, if we somehow keep stalling on that thing that we know we need to do – we’re going to get the brick.

So if you feel like you’ve been hit by a brick, or a ton of them lately… What were the pebbles that were urging you to take what action, long before this? What is THE action the Universe has been urging you to take all along? Isn’t it time to finally take it?