Screenwriting Tricks for Authors
Act I

Fall in Love with Story Structure!

So in this New Year, of all my Top Tricks to Get Yourself Writing Again, my Trick #1 is:                                                Fall in Love with Story Structure I’m not ever going to try to talk anyone out of being a pantser! Your process is your process.To...

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SELMA – Act I Story Breakdown

This month, why not celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and work on your storytelling craft—by watching Selma? We’ve started talking about using Story Patterns (What KIND of Story is It?). In Selma, the filmmakers have chosen the structural form of a War Story and...

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First Chapters

First Chapters are a very fraught subject. Writers agonize over them. I don’t have to tell you! The pressure is enormous, isn’t it? The first chapter sells your submission and it sells your book once it’s published. It carries the whole weight of the book with it. It...

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