Screenwriting Tricks for Authors
Alexandra Sokoloff

Equinox Magic

Happy Equinox!! The witch in me compels me to once again gently remind everyone that the weeks of the Equinoxes and Solstices, the three days before and three days after, are an especially powerful time to set intentions.Of course the full energy of the Universe is...

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Preptober: THE MASTER LIST (part 1)

I always start my workshops and classes with the same assignment, that I call the Master List, which is one of the fastest ways I’ve ever taught to get writers instantly focused on the book they want to write. But in these pandemic days, where so many people are...

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Bouchercon 2021

This is is the weekend we all would have been in New Orleans, at Bouchercon. It is unnerving, disorienting, and truly, truly heartbreaking—that the reality of Covid and Louisiana’s frightening infection rate forced the Bcon organizers to do the only responsible thing...

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