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Writing a Synopsis – that sells!

Yes, I know—the very word “Synopsis” strikes dread into the heart of a writer. And yes, I know—after the year-or-years long marathon that is writing a book, the very last thing anyone wants to do is come up with a one or three-page synopsis of the 400 pages you’ve...

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Preptober: What Makes a BIG BOOK?

Since fall hit, I am pining for the in-person writing conferences, where on top of every other wonderful thing about writing conferences, every single conversation is just a gold mine in writing and marketing information. For this post I’m specifically thinking of a...

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Preptober: Is my story idea BIG enough? Part 2

Today, we're going to embrace the business side of writing as part of the idea-finding process. In Part I I was talking especially to the beginning writer. In the beginning, the most important thing is to find an idea that you can finish. But -If you’ve already...

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