Screenwriting Tricks for Authors
Three Act Eight Sequence Structure

Plot your script or novel FAST – with Index Cards!

Now that you have your Index Cards, let’s get them up on a Story Structure Grid! If you haven’t brainstormed on Index Cards yet, that’s your first step: For the second part of the method, you’ll need: A cork board, whiteboard, wall, or a sheet of cardboard, big enough...

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Nailing Your Act I

I’ve decided to drill down on the essential elements of Act Ifor February (with some digressions!). Last week I suggested that everyone would benefit from reviewing the essential elements of whatever Act you’re writing in right now. But how much more fun to do it...

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What Should I Be Doing Right Now? (For my book or script)

For the New Year I've been focusing on motivational tricks to get you writing again. Next month I'll be covering essential Story Elements from the beginning of Act I. But since people are naturally at different stages of their books and scripts, I thought I'd try a...

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