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Nanowrimo daily prompts

For the month of Nano I’m doing a weekly post running down the most important story elements of each Act, with links to expanded articles on each element.

In case you missed them, here are the Act I posts:

I’m also going to do a daily prompt or trick, which I’ll do in Substack’s Notes feature.

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Here are two to get you started!

Nanowrimo Day I: You Don’t Have to Write in Order!

This goes for the whole month, not just Day 1:

1. If you find yourself stuck or stalled on a chapter, skip ahead to another one and write that instead.

This always comes as a surprise to some writers, so I want to make it clear: There is no law of writing that says you have to write in order.

If you’re stuck or stalling on a scene or chapter you’re writing, skip it for now and go on, either to the next chapter— or one somewhere else in the book that you’re excited about writing. Chances are your creative brain will solve the problem of the chapter you skipped and you’ll go back to it soon, But if not, so what? That’s what rewriting is for!

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