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Apparently people are having trouble downloading the worksheets and supplemental material from the workshops, so please just shoot me an email:  alex AT alexandrasokoloff DOT com  and I’ll have those sent out to you directly.

Also, it was getting late for me (in the UK!) for that second session last night and I feel like I wasn’t very clear on the PLAN in Raiders of the Lost Ark. So here’s a Recap of the PLAN from my ongoing online workshop, with examples from Raiders and other movies.

And if you’d like to see more Act I story analysis in action, here’s a breakdown of Sequence 1 of Selma, in honor of MLK Jr. this week. (You can also subscribe on that page for weekly story structure blogs, delivered to your inbox.)

I’ll be happy to answer any questions here – just post in the comments.

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Essential Story Elements of Act I

Screenwriting Tricks for Authors, by Alexandra Sokoloff

Hero/ine – Main Character – Protagonist

  • Their CHARACTER ARC (how they change because of the story journey)


Protagonist’s INNER and OUTER DESIRE

  • OUTER DESIRE: What they SAY they want 
  • INNER DESIRE: What we and they come to understand they really need



  • The event that starts the story and forces the protagonist to take action

             (The murder, the job, the case, the invitation, meeting the lover…)


The Inciting Incident starts a FOCUSED, SPECIFIC DESIRE


The Protagonist FORMULATES A PLAN to get what they want


They go INTO THE SPECIAL WORLD to get it


But there are FORCES OF ANTAGONISM that will try to stop them


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